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if you had a character and an account to RP as said character and you spelt the name one way in the account name but then were bothered by the spelling but can’t change the account name what do you do? 

6 deviants said change it in the areas you Can change it, move on and stop whining
3 deviants said complain about REAL problems and not character name spelling proplems?
1 deviant said not change it if it wont match the account name anymore
1 deviant said my god all you ever do in polls is complain about sh*t!


Roleplaying is like Crack by Twisted-BatSoundwave Tech Error stamp by SteamstrikeI have my own group by tRiBaLmArKiNgSOnline Friends Stamp by AzixelSibling Stamp by lady-warriorGlobal Warming by DragonLordKrisAnti Twilight Stamp by Waru-FILTHPro-Choice Stamp by Mrs-Kakashi-Hatake2Copious Amounts of FAIL by StamPorMoleAll the Good Men Stamp by NeyjourNO SMOKE STAMP by schtolzStamp:Don't steal my Oc by LuzbelDestelloAnti 1000 Search Limit Stamp by PrincessAngel13Respect My OTP by IzadorkBe Smart About Religion by Circe-BakaScrew Drugs Stamp by Vampiric-Conure:thumb138934231:microwave meal by lauren-lovebitesdownstairs lights by lauren-lovebitestoo far away by Violet737Insomnia Stamp by Walkingpalmtreethanks wind by lauren-lovebitesConfusion Stamp by WetWithRainDon't Pray for Me by alaska-is-a-huskyI Don't Auto-Support Canon by WorldincoffeeI Get Stabby by Foxxie-ChanEvil Chars Stamp by felineSyndr0meAdult watching cartoons stamp by LilyFlarewastebook by Cherry-samastamps are for... by ba6ooyStop Eating the Stamps by EmeraldTokyoYES, I WATCH PORN - stamp by arisu-in-wonderlandRP Addicted Stamp by Ravenpuffstamp by squisheh17pluto:STAMP: by XxdarknayruxXwrong reality by WolfcatStampsVoices Stamp by Shelly-oneechanStamp : Stupid.. by Zaineleemoticon blackbelt stamp by sixthkidfromthestarzAnti-Stamps Stamp by zeechawanProcrastination Stamp by jenepoohprocrastinators UNITE by Calypso-AshSigh by IshdakittyThere is no spoon by cfryantStamp: -wishwishwish- by PyratesquePajamas Stamp by WorldincoffeeAdam Savage -stamp- by ChinchikurinComputer Stamp by ShadowDragon22Anti-OC basher button by ReikoChan



offline picture for rp blog- Darco broke the wifi by Haruka13666
offline picture for rp blog- Darco broke the wifi

Finally drew out the picture I will post every-time I go offline for the night or something-not just every time I go off in general for a something quick, on my tumblr rp blog Marco-On-Wheels

Darco being a shit and blow-torching the wifi modem

That is meant to be me in the background freaking out at the more dick-ish of my muses, Darco. Basically what is meant to be happening for this is Darco is kicking a very badly drawn version of me offline. something that probably should actually happen at times since I tend to say on it until 2-3am. I probably Need someone to kick me off at times.

Darco/Marco is/are not mine but they are ridiculously fun to play as though I probably have them horribly out of character
Marco/Darco rp blog background by Haruka13666
Marco/Darco rp blog background
I dont really know what to say, I finally gave the blog a background and since Darco shows up a lot he can have the background spot.

so yeah.

here, have some Darco being an allergic loser with his seven cats, He named them all and you will notice a theme with the names though he just stopped trying for two of them.

Bloodbath, the orange cat on the table with the shark fin, mostly there because i ran out of room on Darco.
Carnage, the black cat in the pink tutu
Rabies, the brown cat with the fake spider on it
Mittens, the dark grey cat in his arms with the bat wings
Cookie, the calico on his lap with the orange witch hat
Cyanide, the overly happy grey and white cat on his head with the orange pumpkin cape. he often calls her, his “baby girl Cyanide”
and finally Killer, the little grey kitten on his shoulder licking him.

He keeps them in those costumes year round because he’s hopeless.

Look at this idiot being all happy, you can tell he’s evil cant you, this child is going to be the death of me. you can tell i love a character when i constantly insult them

Marco and Darco are not mine i just butcher their personalities horribly on tumblr. feel free to go bully him and Marco too
My Marco blog reached 100 followers so by Haruka13666
My Marco blog reached 100 followers so
Marco you could be doing a better hand-heart there Seriously, step up your game, man, and Darco stop flipping everyone-including yourself you strange bastard-off

Attached to this badly drawn mess was a follow forever for that blog, here…

posting it here because despite it being badly drawn I almost like how these losers (technically though only one as Darco is just a split personality) came out

Marco Bodt and Darco are not mine, but I do love them, and abuse them horribly on tumblr seriously
Sailor Darco aka I swear to god I can explain this by Haruka13666
Sailor Darco aka I swear to god I can explain this
ok right off the bat that's a flat out lie I can't explain this. i don't even know How to explain this. I just kinda wanna run away saying "yeah so there's this..thing ok bye"

ok let me try to explain this. On tumblr for October everyone's halloweening up their rp character accounts. I did so ages ago when I had those ponies-still have 3 of them but that's not the point. i'm getting distracted now. anyway I did so ages ago with mlp ponies.

so uh doing so again with my Marco Bodt from Attack on Titan, where I am doing my best considering it's the first canon character i've decided to play though i've thrown loads onto him like a background family, being stuck in a wheelchair, having a split personality- Which is this

His split personality thinks it's evil when really he's just a dick-ish loser.

So back to the main trying to actually explain this abomination

for the month of Halloween because be honest with yourself you don't think about it just on that one day do ya. you probably all start way before October, but for it I have Darco all in edgy dark colors but as sailor moon because why not. would have done one for Marco but i didn't feel like it so I didn't. simple enough.

All through this month of october you can go tease/make fun of/bully/whatever Darco on or just go to Marco and just "i am so sorry how the fuck do you put up with that twat?" of you know bully him too it's all fine. or to either of them "i'm so sorry the person rping you both is such a loser. hang in there"

for this month if you want you can start or get me to start something where he's dressed like this. rp account/non rp account/annonymous any and all fine. or like i said above doesn't even need something started you can just send him a question asking if he's actually got a brain or if it fell out with his right eye

Marco Bodt is not mine and that is a very good thing because do you see the shit i put him through? he's probably thankful for having only gone though what he had to in the anime/manga

Oh you know i never explained what this actually is. it's going to be the Marco rp account's icon for the month of October. Normally it's Marco in the icon-since it's his blog hur, but for this month i've had his split personality take the icon over. changed the background too for just this month, it has two kittens, basically what two of Darco's cats look like, Mittens and Cyanide. though that one i didn't draw, just googled halloween kittens.
“Aw c’mon please Dad?” the redheaded teen asked her father. It was her 18th birthday and her father had said she could pick something she wanted to do, he just hadn’t expected her to want to explore outside the facility. “It’ll be so quick! GLaDOS will be busy with other test subjects that she’ll never even notice!”

Harris hesitated. He knew this really wasn’t a good idea, but he did also know his daughter. If he said no now there was a Very high chance she would just try to sneak out on her own, getting herself in serious trouble if not killed. Harris sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Fine. But we’ll go only when I say and you’ll stay in my sight at all times.”

“I’m 18, not 8, Dad.”

“It’s either that or not at all.”

Carly sighed, but nodded in reluctant agreement. “Fine...”

A few hours into the day when GLaDOS was indeed focusing on some of the other test subjects, Harris and Carly snuck their way up and out of the facility, making sure to avoid any and all cameras.

Once outside in the wheat field Carly started to explore, while having to be reminded several times to not go too far ahead.

As they looked around the field, something in the distance caught Carly’s attention.  She went off quickly to go see what it was with her father close behind. Once they got close enough to see, they were horrified to see it was a hooded figure clawing at another person.

“Carly”, Harris whispered, “back away slowly. No sudden movements.” Harris kept his voice down while he and Carly backed up away from the bloody sight. But, as they crept away, the hooded person turned and looked right at them, blood dripping from its face. “Run, Run!” Harris called louder, grabbing his daughter’s arm and after they turned to run, he shoved her ahead of him further from the bloody person.

Carly and Harris ran quickly through the wheat trying to get back to the shack with the elevator.  The hooded person scrambled after them and leapt on Harris. Carly heard and then saw her father get tackled, and she skidded to a halt. “Dad!” She rushed back and started hitting and kicking at the hooded man with her robotic arm and leg. Carly kept it up until she was able to knock the person off her father. Once he was pulled up they ran again for the shack, getting in and slamming the door shut.  The man banged and clawed at the door for a while before giving up.

After making sure they didn’t have any cuts the father and daughter duo took the elevator back down into aperture.

“Well,” Carly began, to break the silence, “that was a fun birthday adventure.”  She grinned at her father.

Harris side glanced at his daughter and sighed.
Carly's 18th Birthday
I don’t own Portal or Left 4 Dead which is what this is crossed over with. Its mostly just a headcanon of mine that those two games could be taking place in the same place. You never know, the ‘green flu’ infection Could have been started by something out of Aperture. According to Cave Johnson they did make mantis men after all

No More DA, FF.Net, Tumblr, etc

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 30, 2014, 5:10 AM
  • Reading: a fic i'm writing for Jack's birthday
  • Eating: pea soup
  • Drinking: pineapple, guava and lime juice

Tony Abbott is about the sign off on possibly the worst power grab we’ve ever seen. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

If he signed this, your internet provider would be FORCED to POLICE YOUR ACTIVITY, and report everything you do online. There would be NO anonymous browsing, no “incognito” modes, no torrenting, no file sharing, NOTHING. Fanfics, fanarts, fanvids, ANYTHING thought to breach ANY kind of copyright, even in a completely harmless way, would be reported, and after THREE STRIKES, you WILL BE SENTENCED. 

You thought SOPA was bad? That is NOTHING compared to the TPP. 


quote taken from the journal I found out about this from since I couldn't really word it better

I looked into this and it actually is something that is happening, here is a link to the petition:…



United States

Name: Haruka (not real one but thats the one you get online)

Age: 24

I have 20 characters (though also 9 honorable mentions and 2 mascots):3 ask if you want to know about them.

sex: Female

Likes/loves: my family, my kitty, my Characters, Thundercracker, Transformers, Portal, personality cores, My Little Pony, Anime, L4D,L4D2 making characters, role-playing, making friends, trying to draw, trying to write, making videos, the color purple, foxes

Dislikes/hates: thieves, people that are rude. people who steal other people's characters, those that dis characters/anime, Twilight saga

Current Residence: my imagination
Favorite genre of music: Basically all
Favorite style of art: Anime
MP3 player of choice: Sansa
Wallpaper of choice: my characters
Favorite cartoon character: Thundercracker, all Seekers, Stunticons,(Transformers), Discord, 6 main ponies, Smokers & Hunters, Ellis, Nick (Left 4 Dead games) too many to list all
Personal Quote: What The Douche?!, you hoe, and HA HA .. wait what?

I have a Marco Bodt from Attack on Titan rp blog on tumblr feel free to do whatever to him

My Transformer Accounts owo


Edit: though i dont tend to go to them anymore D:, and the character of Firefly isnt even a character of mine anymore, deleted her profile and such

Stamps i made

Transformers 4 AoE by Haruka13666Thundercracker Stamp by Haruka13666Starscream Stamp by Haruka13666Sunstorm Stamp by Haruka13666Transformers 2007 stamp by Haruka13666Transformers RotF stamp by Haruka13666Transformers DotM stamp by Haruka13666Fact Sphere Stamp by Haruka13666Acidstorm Stamp by Haruka13666Sunny x Acidstorm stamp by Haruka13666Skywarp Stamp by Haruka13666

Support and Fan Stamps

Lyme Disease Stamp by Vallhund-AbstraktionObama Support Stamp by Avell-AngelBay Support by AleximusPrimeBreast Cancer Awareness Stamp by pillze69Portal 2: Wheatly Stamp by Wynau-ruPro-Choice by ZOMBIExBiteObama Stamp by creativitysucksObama 2012 Stamp by ewotionAdventure Core- "Rick"  Stamp by AngryBunny22SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE, the stamp by BlueTabooSlash in character by SA948-StampsSupport Obama by Shelly-oneechanStamp: Characters are children by JammerleeDigital Attraction by HalloweenSoraBisexual and proud stamp by deviantStampsBisexual Stamp by AirieFeristoLove because I said so stamp by littleporkchopSupport supporting support by InspirizedI Love ThunderCracker Stamp by amayawindninjaNostalgia Critic stamp by Tartly-SweetLove Hate Support Stamp by InspirizedStamp: Gay Rights by RogueDerekThundercracker stamp by ToniPendragonLove by IshdakittyHad to be said... by PristichampsusSupport GAY marriage by emmilStamp- support abortion by AmelieRosenInfernoxRed Stamp by sallychanDexter stamp by tRiBaLmArKiNgSDecepticon Stamp by tRiBaLmArKiNgSSeeker Fan - stamp by TwinTwosGirlStamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirli love rain by stuff-by-hagridStamp - Canon Figures by artoniSLASH FAN STAMP by coraza-de-aceroLove to make OCs by railaTF Slash and Fembots Stamp by FallenAngelAerith


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Seeing the MY cat has decided to munch on my fingers. ... maybe you can give it some cookies.
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The cake was old so I put it in DA BIN! D:
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NO ITS NOT! the cake is though
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*pie is gone because I ate it* >D
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Nuuuuuuuuuu D:
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YAY :dance:
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Yes, yes it is. :)
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Pie is yummy :D
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Pie! :D
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